Application and Enrollment

The Application Process

The Earth School is by design a small and select community with groups limited to 12 students each, which provides a very personalized experience. We encourage you to apply early as openings get filled rather quickly.

Our Online Application

We have partnered with TADS, a third party company, to manage our admissions and enrollment process. TADS offers an efficient and secure online system that allows families to apply and complete their enrollment process through a personalized account.

The link below will take you to the Earth School's admission page in TADS where you can create your secure account and get started with your admission process. If you need to come back later, you can log back in to continue. Once your account is set up, if you need technical support, please contact TADS at or call them (toll-free in the US) at 1(800) 477 8237. 


Once the application has been reviewed we will contact you within 3-5 business days regarding enrollment. Successful applicants will be asked to complete the online enrollment process through TADS. This will require uploading copies of previous school records, immunizations records, and copy of the child’s passport among other documents. 

Waiting List: 

​We review and process applications in the order received. When a group is full, parents are informed and applications placed on the waiting list. As soon as a space becomes available, families will be contacted for enrollment. Siblings of currently enrolled students and families enrolling more than one child will be given enrollment priority considering a timely application form has been submitted.


Current families do not need to re-apply, however, you will be expected to confirm re-enrollment by the end of February, make a commitment payment and update your child's information on the TADS system.

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Fees Schedule

Non-refundable Application fee:  USD350.00

Annual registration:  USD500.00

Tuition range:  USD6,000.00 to USD14,000.00 depending on program/grade.


You will find the most current fee information and payment schedule for specific grade levels on the first page of the TADS online application. 

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The Earth School welcomes children and families from all ethnic, racial, religious, or national backgrounds and diverse family structures. 

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